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My process: From enquiry to your wedding day - How does it all work?

You’re engaged - congratulations! You’ve said yes to your partner, and the ring, and now you

have a wedding to plan! The right flowers can compliment your dress, your venue, create

incredible photos and make your special day magical. But once you’ve picked me as your florist

what happens next?

Have a quick read of my 8 step process below:

1. Enquiry + consultation

2. Booking

3. Design work + proposal

4. Site visit (for more complicated briefs or venues new to me)

5. Proposal sign off + payment

6. Planning + buying

7. Processing flowers + creating in the studio

8. Loading the van + delivery + set up

9. The de rig

10. Post event follow up

Enquiry + consultation

First, fill in my enquiry form which can be found here. This gathers important information about your wedding or event such as:

- the date

- the location

Next, we schedule a consultation call (usually lasting 30-40 mins) where you get to know me and I can

understand your vision.

Before this you can take a look at my past weddings, Instagram and mood boards for



Once you’ve decided we’re a perfect match (how exciting!) you need to secure your date with

a £250 booking fee.

My clients tend to book my services between 6–18 months in advance, If your wedding or

event is between June-September early booking is recommended.

Design work + proposal

Next I start work on your proposal.

If the date is really far away (e.g. over a year away) then we may pause until more details are finalised.

Typically I’ll get back in touch with you 10-12 weeks before your wedding or event to arrange a

catchup and finalise everything.

My support is available outside of this timeline. If you ever need me I’m always available on

email and there for a quick call.

Site visit

Site visits are important if you have a floral heavy brief or if you’d like large scale arrangements such as suspended designs or large vertical arrangements. I always visit a site that I have not yet worked at (in this case it’s not necessary for my clients to be present), but it is a great opportunity to meet

face-to-face and have a walk around!

Proposal sign off + payment

It’s important that proposals are signed off about 6 weeks before your wedding or event.

Final payment is due at the latest 4 weeks before. (Payment plans are available).

Planning and buying

I start prepping the mechanics, floral recipes, placing stock orders and finalising timelines in the

few weeks leading up to a job, it can be a very busy time!

Processing flowers + creating in the studio

Typically the 2-3 days prior to any event I’ll spend in my studio.

Some flowers are delivered, some must be collected and everything must be conditioned.

Arrangements can be made 1-2 days before an event depending on the temperature and what

type of design it is. Bridal party flowers such as bouquets and buttonholes are typically made the day before so that they are as fresh as possible.

Kew gardens wedding flowers
Prepping the stems ready to make a bridal bouquet

Loading the van + delivery + set up

Arrangements are loaded carefully into my van on the morning of an event and transported to

the venue. We arrive early on site.

Deliveries are made and designs are installed to align with your proposal.

You'll often find my team and I either up a ladder or on our hands and knees, please don't judge the grass stains on our knees or unmanicured hands!

Once we have set up, we either leave the venue, or wait until we’re needed to relocate arrangements.

I really encourage relocating ceremony flowers so that you get more enjoyment out of your arrangements throughout the day.

De rig

Depending on your venue's rules, my team and I will return to take everything down and tidy up either on the same night (eg. at midnight), or the following morning, often quite early. I make sure we have discussed what you want to happen to your flowers in advance incase I don't see you.

I encourage gifting flowers to your guests if you are unable to keep them yourself, I'll do my best to bunch flowers into posies when decanting them from my vessels which I will need to take away with me.

There is also an option to donate your flowers.

I'll need to spend a little more time carefully sorting through each stem, there will be a small additional charge to cover the time (read my blog post on 'donating your flowers').

Tip: It is always good to check with your venue about their de rig policy as this will affect all of your suppliers, an out of hours de rig fee will be included in your estimate if required.

Post event follow up

I touch base after every event, it is so important that I check in with my clients to make sure they were happy with my service and also as I am generally so excited to hear about your special day!

I hope this answers any questions you may have regarding my process, don't hesitate to get in touch with me if there is anything that I haven't covered!

Poppy x

P.s. Here is the link to my enquiry form again to save you scrolling back to the top! Click here



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